Drayage Services in Savannah, GA


Drayage services are critical to maintaining distribution deadlines and goals and keeping your business solvent. You will want to work with a drayage service that takes your timelines seriously and knows how to help you to meet timetables and keep up with demand. When you work with the right drayage company, they can also help you to manage transport and logistics services that might need to be taken care of within your distribution chain.

Choosing the right drayage company in the Savannah, GA area is easy if you select GEL Recycling for your needs. We have years of experience in this service, and we can provide support for Port to destination services as well as everything in between. There is no company more skilled in this area in the Savannah area or more understanding of clients’ needs within this industry.

Drayage Services Offered By GEL Recycling in Savannah, GA Area

Short Hauls

Your goods might only need to be moved a few blocks away after delivery at the Port, and we can handle this need for you with ease. You can also trust us to deliver items to the Port over a short distance. These short hauls might not be offered by every drayage company, but we know that you cannot always choose how close your distribution location is to the Port. We will be happy to move your items over short distances so that they can be loaded or unloaded with ease.

Drayage to the Ports in in Savannah, GA

Port drayage is one of the mainstays of any drayage company, and we offer you seamless and accountable drayage services to the Ports. You can trust us to pick up on time and deliver on time so that you can keep your distribution schedule on point. Drayage services through GEL Recycling can also be adjusted as needed when timelines get skewed by events out of your control.

Transportation and Transfer Shipments Service in Savannah, GA

General transportation and transfer shipment services are also offered here at GEL Recycling. We will be happy to move your items around as needed so that they can be delivered, shipped, or moved to another container ship or truck. We will provide fair and competitive services in this area to back up the general drayage services that we offer.


One of the most common areas where bottlenecks occur in the shipping process is the transloading step. Having to switch to another company’s services to move your items from a ship to ground transport or vice versa can be a place of weakness in your distribution chain. When you work with GEL Recycling for this step of the process, you will get seamless continuity with your other drayage services. This is one of the places where many other companies do not care for their customers adequately, but we can help you to solve logistical issues at this critical step.

We provide transloading services that you can count on so that you do not run into the supply chain and distribution issues related to goods moving from one mode of transportation to another.

Transporting Materials in Savannah

Drayage services In Savannah, GA

We are also able to transport raw materials and other goods that are associated with your company’s supply chain. Most businesses will have to work with a separate business to move raw goods around, but we can handle this part of your business needs as well as your drayage needs. We can move all kinds of goods and materials, and we offer excellent pricing for these jobs. You can count on us to stick to timelines and show up reliably to take care of these needs as well. Staying on track at every step of the supply chain process is easy when you work with us.


Potentially the most critical part of the drayage services chain, this essential service is one of the things that we do best. We can pick up your goods and materials and deliver them to any location away from the port. We will be able to adjust our pickups based on the availability of the ships that are bringing items from other locations, and we can work with flexible scheduling to help you to meet your timelines. We know that you cannot always control the shipping industry, but we can help you to stay on course by showing up to unload and transfer goods as soon as they have been brought into the port.

We maintain a flexible and responsive drayage schedule to better serve our client’s needs. We want you to be able to take care of your business partners, and we stand by our ability to take care of you as our business partners. This is one of the key areas where GEL Recycling stands out from the crowd, and our drayage services are second-to-none in the Savannah area.

GEL Recycling Offers Superior Services of Various Kinds in Savannah, GA

Drayage services

Beyond our excellent drayage services, GEL Recycling offers front load pickup services, recycling services, and pickup and transport services. There are not many jobs that you cannot count on GEL Recycling to take care of for you. Recycling services might be where we got our start, but we are experts in all kinds of transportation and clean-up services as well.

From clean-up related to construction or removal of plant materials to regular recycling services, we offer the full range of clean-up and carry-away services that you might need access to. Our drayage services are like the icing on the cake, and you can use our skilled teams to handle all kinds of different transportation and clean-up needs.

If you live in Florida, we can provide a full range of recycling, clean-up, and disposal services, and we provide all of these needs in the Savannah area alongside our quality drayage services. Contact us today if you are ready to learn more about the services that we can offer and about the reliable and effective clean-up, recycling, and drayage processes that we can provide for your business or personal needs.