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GEL has been a leader in the waste industry for over 35 years. Since 1984, dedication, commitment, knowledge, and experience have been the cornerstones of every one of our projects.

A best-practices business model that goes deeper than the specifics of our diverse projects. One that gets to the basics of what it takes to complete each job successfully: talented people, high-tech facilities, and a veritable task force of top-of-the-line equipment.

Our expert engineering and management teams strive to streamline projects, performing preliminary environmental testing and hazard assessments. We compile succinct data for easy client reviews that explain how the property’s potential end-use is affected by a myriad of factors, ranging from environmental to regulatory.

GEL offers the equipment, personnel, and logistics to service construction sites reliably, efficiently, and on time. Talk to us about construction recycling and waste handling solutions that save your site time and money, while ensuring safety on the job.

Commercial Demolition in Florida

Commercial demolition jobs need to be completed with care and attention to detail. There are many risks that can be associated with incorrect demolition processes, and the clean-up process can be just as risky as the original demolition project itself. Making sure that you hire a skilled clean-up team can make all the difference when you are considering how to finalize a demolition project without risk to the safety of construction teams and other workers at the site. We can help you to clean up all kinds of commercial demolition debris, and we will make sure to dispose of these items correctly and effectively.

Commercial sites need to be cleaned up thoroughly and properly to remove harmful wastes, dangerous debris, and the remnants of structures that can impede the use of the property. While it can be simple to knock down these buildings, the clean-up process can take an extended period of time. We can make this process simple and reliable so that you can move on with other plans for the use of the property.

We offer various levels of clean-up support and care for your needs and can tackle both big and small commercial projects. You will be able to trust us to help you to finalize your demolition project with ease and we will make the process of removing all of your demolition wastes from your commercial location a snap. Being able to trust that company that is removing your demolition wastes is important, and we are fully licensed and trained in the necessary permitting processes that are required for these kinds of jobs as well. You can trust us to take care of your commercial demolition job with skill and attention to detail.

Florida Residential Demolition Service

Residential demolition can interrupt the lives and activities of property owners and their neighbors. It can be tough to access residential demolition locations, and doing so safely is critical for the property that is being cleaned up and also for those who live near the property. Being able to protect neighbors and property owners from injury or exposure to risk is important, which is why you must work with the right skilled residential demolition team for this kind of job. Residential demolition also needs to be done efficiently so that noise, mess, and other disturbances are minimized as much as possible.

When you need someone to safely and properly remove your demolition wastes in a residential environment, you can count on us. We can be trusted to work safely and effectively so that neighbors are not impeded, and so that construction workers and other people on the property are never in danger. Getting the property cleaned up and ready for a new build or other uses is important. We have the tools and the skills to make sure that your residential demolition project is handled correctly and with great results.

If you have a residential project that has created the need for clean-up, contact us to help you with this task. We will remove the debris and wastes from this process for you and take care of their disposal using safe and effective means. You can trust us to know our way around this kind of project, and we will be sure to have all the right permits and other documentation on file so that you don’t need to concern yourself with this part of the process. We can take care of every aspect of your clean-up process for residential jobs with ease.

Interior Demolition in Central Florida

Interior demolition can be tricky to handle because of the need to maintain the integrity of the rest of the structure. You might have to remove most of the interior of the home or business and this can lead to an extended clean-up process that is best handled with specialty trucks and dumpster removal. We can help you to get access to the right dumpsters and trucks needed to get these demolition messes off the property so that you can proceed with the rest of the project with ease. The demolition process can create a hold-up for all other stages of a remodeling or replacement project, and you will want to have this stage of the process done as soon as possible.

We make sure that you get the right combination of demolition support services for your needs each time you work with us. We can help you to handle demolition messes for a remodel with ease, even on properties that are hard to access or in areas that make dumpster placement difficult. We will help you to get your interior demolition job completed as quickly as possible so that you can finish your work and get your home or business back to full functionality with ease. Waiting around for the removal of these kinds of messes can delay projects for months, but we know how to help you to get this task done with ease.

Contact us with questions or concerns about this kind of demolition job and we will help you to get access to the right kinds of demolition services that you need for your unique interior demolition job.

Land Clearing Demolition Service in Florida

Land clearing is not often thought of as part of demolition services, but these clean-up projects require all the same skills and tools to complete correctly and safely. If you have a property that you are trying to clear to build on it, or you are looking into removing a wooded area or other vegetation, you will need a skilled demolition service to help you to remove debris. Large wooded areas and places with heavy vegetation can make a large mess that can take some time to remove. You will be able to trust us to help you to get land clearing processes done correctly and to remove vegetation and other natural wastes for proper disposal.

We have various pieces of equipment and trucks that can access areas that are not paved and do not have roads for access. This can help you to get the debris removed quickly and effectively and will spare you the process of dragging debris long distances to be picked up at a single location. If you have a hilly or uneven property that you need help clearing, we can make sure that you get access to the right tools and equipment to make this process simple and effective.

In addition to helping with the removal of wastes, we can make sure that these products are recycled and reused. Being able to reuse wastes is always our goal and land clearing jobs give us the chance to create sustainable recycling opportunities that would not be possible otherwise.

FAQ – Demolition Services in Central Florida

What does demolition work mean?

Demolition is defined as the destruction, wrecking, razing, or dismantling of buildings or structures or any part related to them. There are hazards associated with this process and it is considered to be in the same category risk-wise as general construction. Demolition is often necessary to remove structures that have been condemned or to build new buildings and make property improvements of various kinds. Proper disposal of the waste associated with this process is essential.

Do you need a license to do demolition work in central Florida?

Yes, contractors and other entities that are offering demolition services in central Florida must be licensed to offer these services. A contractor or demolition service provider will need to have a specialty contract license and they must also secure a permit for each demolition project that they undertake. This is part of why it is so critical to secure the right company for your demolition job.

Do demolition jobs require inspections?

In Florida, all demolition jobs will require an inspection that makes certain the utility connections have been safely secured and that the proper safety steps have been taken before demolition work begins. There is a pre-demolition inspection that must be completed as well as a final inspection that needs to be done after the process has been finalized. Your demolition job cannot be considered complete or within the confines of the law without these two steps being taken.

What questions should I ask a demolition contractor before hiring them?

You need to be sure that you are hiring a skilled demolition contractor with the right credentials. This is a risky process, and you do not want to be left holding the bag if something goes wrong during demolition on your property. You also will want to avoid fees and other issues related to the demolition project if it is not completed according to the letter of Florida law. Make sure you ask about comprehensive insurance and local permits that will need to be filed for the job. Inquire as well about asbestos handling processes and where the wastes will be dumped when they have been removed.

How much does a demolition permit cost in Florida?

The current fee for a demolition permit in Florida is $0.20 per square foot of the gross square footage of the structure that is being demolished. There is a minimum demolition permit fee of $100.00, so even if your job is quite small, you will have to pay the $100.00 no matter what.

Is there a difference between soft and hard demolition?

Soft and hard demolition are two unique processes that can be done to remove structural items from your property. Soft demolition includes the removal of flooring and floor coverings, drywall, hard ceilings or drops ceilings, interior walls, asphalt, retaining walls, curbs, and overhangs. Hard demolition is done to remove walls made of brick, block or concrete structure, steel framing, or entire buildings that are made from these substances.

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