Recycled Products in Central Florida

Recycled Products in Central Florida

Road Base

Recycled aggregate is produced by crushing concrete, and sometimes asphalt, to reclaim the aggregate. Recycled aggregate can be used for many purposes. The primary market is road base. Our residential road base is great for using under brick pavers.

Drainfield Rock

Drainfield (57) Rock or DOT #4 is a course aggregate that may be processed from gravels, granites, limestone, dolomite, sandstones, or other naturally occurring hard, sound, durable materials. Our 57 Stone averages in size from ½ inch to 1-1/2 inch in size.

Pea Rock

As the name suggests, washed pea rock is a clean washed product about the size of peas or small pebbles. Of our three washed drain gravels pea rock is the easiest to handle and packs the tightest with the fewest void spaces. Many contractors use it to bed pipes or as an underlay for foundations or footings. Because it is a washed drain gravel product, it is very permeable and allows water to freely pass through.

Common Uses:

  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Base for Retaining Walls
  • Base for Driveways
  • Irrigation Applications: such as pipe bedding
  • Top Dressing: such as gravel roads
  • As base for building foundations
  • As fill for utility trenches
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