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Recycling Services in the Deland, FL Area

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As you’re looking for a great recycling company in the Deland, FL area, don’t overlook GEL Recycling for your residential and commercial recycling needs. If you’re looking for C & D recycling or a different option GEL Recycling is here for you and your needs. The recycling industry is seeing a large boom these days, and even still we are committed to the same excellent service we’ve offered since 1984. 

Recycling shouldn’t be complicated. GEL recycling has made it our mission to help others recycle in the best possible way. If you need curbside recycling, the ability to recycle yard waste, or even recycling concrete GEL Recycling offers a service that will work for you in Deland, Florida.

Our specialty is helping you recycle. Don’t forget to consider recycling if you’re hosting a large event: we have receptacles available to keep waste low. You’d be amazed at what can be recycled, just ask us and we can help you determine if we have a solution that can help you recycle your materials. 

Haul Away

Let us help you with all of your haul away needs. We will make sure all of your construction materials are disposed of safely and properly. We offer roll-off dumpster service as well as semi-truck trailers featuring walking floor systems. Not sure what you’re looking for? We can help you decide what the best solution is for you in Deland, FL. 

Don’t let your construction debris get you down. We are prepared to haul away your mess so you don’t have to. Need crushed concrete? We can also deliver that with one of our many dump trucks available. There’s almost certainly a haul away solution that will work for you, give us a call so we can help determine what that solution is at (386) 775-5385.


Central Florida recycling services

Construction debris can be overwhelming to dispose of. GEL Recycling isn’t intimidated by your mess, we can dispose of your construction waste at a competitive price. We can take any number of materials including aggregate, roofing materials, dirt, logs, wood, and we offer concrete disposal at no cost to you. 

GEL Recycling has been leading the way with recycling since 1984 and while there are some things we are unable to accept during the disposal process, we have everyone’s safety in mind which is why paint, asbestos, and tires are off-limits in Deland. 

Buy-Back Center Convenient to Deland, FL Residents

You could take all the metal from your project and throw it out. But why not get a portion of your investment back by scrapping non-magnetic metals at the GEL Recycling Buy-Back Center. We have fair and accurate scales and can help you get rid of your unwanted, recyclable metals. 

There’s a first time for everything so don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from scrapping your metal with us at the GEL Buy-Back Center. We’ll be waiting for you! 


As your preparing to rehab a building or perhaps start over from scratch, don’t forget that GEL Recycling can help you with your demolition needs. We have an experienced team who can advise you before your project takes off how to best recycle your materials so that you aren’t stuck with excess waste and you can save money at the same time. 

We can help anyone in the Deland,  FL area clear a building and because we have our own equipment there’s no delay in waiting for subcontractors. We can help any demolition go quickly so contact us today to see how we can help you progress forward. 

Land Preparation for Your Deland Property

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Deland, like most of Florida, has a specific natural landscape that can pose challenges to builders. GEL Recycling has a team that can help you prepare the land to be used commercially or for a residential area. If you’re looking for help clearing an area and prepping the land to be built on then GEL Recycling can help. 

GEL Recycling, Top-Notch Service for Deland, FL

At GEL, we are happy to provide you with high-quality customer service and a wide range of recycling and disposal needs. Our teams are seasoned experts and can help you make the best decisions for your projects and property. Contact us today for a free quote on your next service.