Recycle your scrap metal in Florida

How to Recycle Your Scrap Metal in Florida

Scrap metal can be generated by various projects like remodels, tearing down buildings, or even breaking down items like yard cars to be removed from a property. Often, the scrap metals that people have on their property can be the most frustrating to attend to when clean-up processes are begun. It can feel really daunting to figure out where to send your scrap metal if you live in Florida and need to get rid of a large amount of these kinds of items.

The size and the shape of these materials can make recycling them tough and there are not many locations that will take scrap metal off your hands and dispose of it. Thankfully, there are some good options for handling scrap metal recycling, and we will discuss them here. You do not need to stare at a pile of scrap metal in your yard or on your business property in frustration if you use these recycling options.

Drop Off Your Scrap Metals at Florida Waste Locations

If the scrap metal in question can be loaded into a vehicle that you own or have rented, you can drop off your scrap metal at locations that are set up to handle these kinds of waste in Florida. You will find that most of these locations are open at specific times during the week and might have limited hours. Make sure as well that you are prepared to unload the materials that you have brought on your own, as there are not always attendants to help with this step of the process.

Hire Someone to Remove Scrap Metal in Florida

Florida scrap metal recycling

You can also hire a truck to come to your location and remove your scrap metal safely. This is often the best route to use if you have large items like yard cars or large segments of metal from a remodel or building tear-down that needs to be disposed of. This will cost more, but you might not be able to tackle the job of removing these kinds of items without this kind of help. Make sure that the company that you are working with is licensed properly to be engaging in these kinds of services on your property and that the material will be recycled properly after the company takes it away.

Florida Scrap Metal Recycling Limitations

There have been some new laws passed in Florida recently that require that proof of ownership be provided by a property owner before certain items can be accepted by a recycling facility. This is to try to control the theft of these items in the interest of making money on them as scrap. The items that will require proof of ownership are:

  •         Manhole covers
  •         Electric light poles and utility structures that still have wires and fixtures attached
  •         Guard rails
  •         Street signs or traffic signs
  •         Communication or service wires that include copper or aluminum bus bars, connectors, grounding plates, or grounding wires
  •         Funeral markers or funerals vases
  •         Historical markers of any kind
  •         Railroad equipment such as tie plates, signal houses, control boxes, switch plates, e clips, or rail ties
  •         Any metal item that bears the name or logo of a government entity, utility company, railroad company, or cemetery
  •         Copper or aluminum evaporator coils or tubing and rods from air conditioning units
  •         Aluminum or stainless steel containers and bottles that are used for propane for forklifts
  •         Stainless steel beer kegs
  •         Catalytic converters not purchased as part of an engine
  •         Brass or bronze commercial valves and fittings
  •         FDC valves
  •         Brass or bronze commercial potable water backflow valves
  •         Shopping cats
  •         Brass water meters
  •         Storm grates
  •         Agricultural sprinklers

If you have purchased a property that has these items on it that need to be cleaned up and removed, you should be able to use your proof of purchase of the property as means to establish ownership of the metal items that need to be disposed of. There might be a need to speak with someone in the county government if there are items of this nature discovered on a property that you have purchased. In most cases, none of these items that are listed in the refusal list will belong to someone who does not have proper legal title to them.

How to Find the Right Scrap Metal Services and Drop-Offs in Florida

You will be able to find various different drop-off locations that will buy back your scrap metal in your local area. Make sure that you do some research to be sure that the location that is closest to you can handle the kinds of scrap metals that you need to dispose of. There are limitations that might be in place for some kinds of scrap metals at certain recycling locations that you should be aware of.

If you are going to have someone come and pick up your scrap metal, this company should have a plan to deal with the various kinds of scrap metal that you need to have removed from your property. However, it can be a good idea to make sure that they can take mixed scrap metals from your property. You might need to deal with some kinds of scrap metals through a company that is licensed to take copper or aluminum wastes and dispose of them.

Finding a Scrap Metal Disposal Company in Florida Can be Easy

If you have been struggling to find the right scrap metal disposal solution in Florida, you can put your mind at ease. GEL recycling can help you with your scrap metal that needs to be removed and recycled properly. We are the leading provider of these kinds of services in Florida for good reason and our recycling teams will help you to clean up your property and dispose of wastes that are cluttering up your yard with ease.

If you are ready to find out more about how we can help you to remove metal scrap from your property, you need to check out our buy-back locations that handle these kinds of wastes. Scrap metal doesn’t have to be hard to remove from your property when you work with the right recycling company.

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