Recycling Wood Products to Make Mulch and Top Soil in Central Florida

Many people are not aware that mulch and top soil is very important to the process of creating beautiful landscapes and designing your yard or your business landscaping. You will find that topsoil can be the main factor that determines if your plants and landscaping thrive or not. Many people use cheap top soils or skip this step altogether which leads to issues with the longevity of the plantings that have been added to a yard or planter boxes.
Mulch and top soil are necessary parts of the process of creating beautiful gardens and planter boxes. You will be glad that you took the time to invest in these necessary products for many of your landscaping needs. Being able to care for your yard readily is only one of many benefits of adding topsoil and mulch products before you plant. This is one of the steps that you should never skip and you will be much happier with your yard and planting efforts if you make sure to add these products.
If you are ready to learn more about how recycling wood products to make mulch and top soil in Central Florida works, read on!

What is Mulch and Top Soil?

Mulch is the chopped and ground down wood and plant products that are made when yard wastes are processed to make a finer and more consistent wood product. Mulch is perfect for use on the top of soils that need help maintaining moisture and it can be used to help fill in planter beds and areas that tend to get wet in a yard.

Top soil is the refined and aerobically fermented wood product that is generated after a year of processing. The base for the top soil is a mulch that has been screened to remove all the large items that might cause issues with planting and filling pots to hold flowers and other items. 

Top soil has been composted to make sure that it is free of chemicals that might damage plants and to give it the time to generate the bacteria and nutrients that are necessary for the growth of healthy plants.

Mulch and top soil are often both needed for large planting projects and gardens might need both of these wood products to succeed. You will want to check on the growing needs of all of the plants that you are planning to grow and make sure that they get the right balance of top soil and mulch for their needs.

How Central Florida Recycling Centers Make Mulch and Top Soil

recycling wood to create top soil and mulch

Recycling companies make these products through our own processes that help recycle wastes into new and useful products that you can use to make your landscaping grow well and be easy to maintain. Recycling centers pick up yard wastes that can be used to make these products. There are many benefits to recycling yard wastes in this way and mulch and top soil creation are one of them.

  1.       Pick Up: Yard wastes are collected during weekly collection processes. These wastes are taken to our recycling center and delivered to be sorted and screened.
  2.       Grinding: The recycling center is the location for the grinding of the yard wastes that have been collected. This is when mulch is created.
  3.       Screening: The mulch is screened and sifted to remove all dirt, debris, and other small bits of items that should not be included in the final product. The yard wastes might not be processed further and could be left in this state.
  4.       Compost: For the creation of the top soil, the mulch that has been screened is then put in a large pile to compost aerobically. The natural composting process creates temperatures that can be as high as 150 degrees. This makes it possible to kill all insects, fungi, and weed seeds. Human-made chemicals will also break down during this process into harmless compounds such as water and carbon.
  5.       Sale: After these processes have been completed, the mulch and the top soil can be sold. It can take a year for the composting process to be completed and the top soil might need to be screened again before it can be sold to remove large particulate matter.

Recycling companies make sure that they never sell any incompletely fermented compost and mulch is screened carefully to create excellent quality wood products. This is the promise that they can make to their customers to be sure that they are able to get the right quality wood products for their needs.

You will be able to create beautiful gardens, landscaping, and planter boxes for your needs when you use these quality wood products. Recycling centers make sure that the plant products that have been recycled in your area are not wasted. They do not worry about recycling paper products and glass alone and yard waste recycling is an important part of the process which prevents unnecessary waste.

Mulch and Top Soil Are Excellent Ways to Recycle

repurposing wood to make mulch and top soil

If you have ever wondered what happens to the yard waste products that you generate when you mow your lawn or trim your trees, you can be assured that we take care of these products with ease and generate quality wood products that will make your landscaping processes a snap! 

You will get the best wood products for your gardening and landscape requirements and the items that we have collected will not go to waste. Creating useful and necessary wood products from yard waste is only one of the essential recycling services that we provide to our customers in central Florida

GEL sells top soil to make sure that you have the base that you need for your landscaping project. You will get quality top soil that is delivered to your location so that you do not have to worry about getting your project off on the right foot. Contact us today for your landscaping products of all kinds. We will be happy to make sure that you get the right wood products for your needs.

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